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Category: Unveilations

som ras: the basic secret
April 1, 2024

som day, som month..... सोम वार, मधु मास..... "som in the somatic, is naturally automatic" for centuries, the researchers & the scholars had been searching for...

Sam means "to be Same"
March 1, 2023

in spirituality all beings are seeking the state of samadhi, thinking it’s the highest of all states whereas factually samadhi is the final step of yog but, the first step towards one's...

psyche- psycho confusion
February 23, 2023

the word "psyche" means "the spirit", thence, the word "psychology" means "to study the logic of the spirit" however, in today's world, just like the other sciences related to spirit...

cool or un-cool
February 22, 2023

in today's time, beings are taught to behave either in offensive mode or in the victim mode wherein they take the liberty to behave aggressively, use foul language, speak whatever language and...

Transgenderism- Transhumanism
July 10, 2022

before one dives into innerstanding the transgenderism and the transhumanism, one must learn about "hermaphrodite" shared on 09.09.2021..... as for the spiritual seekers, realizing the facts o...

Re-Verse Earth World.....
September 21, 2021

the visible world today which is designed today in such a reverse way that what is right, what can liberate, what can help one evolve looks completely reverse to what is binding, what is...

simulation-4: fixed matrix
September 18, 2021

bowing at the beautyfull lotus feet of sriguru, whose grace is my only solace and who is my ultimate savior from the age of darkness..... many had been pondering over the matrix & the...

You are in a Simulation- 1
September 16, 2021

not a watcher of series but, this one episode has mentioned much of stuff about this matrix and as it's name is, it's adbhut..... had been speaking about matrix and this reality is a...

Bhavishya Darshan- Part 3
August 7, 2021

I humbly bow at the lotus of SriGuru Maha-avatar, for He is the ultimate source of love, wisdome and guidance..... in the part 1 & 2 much is mentioned about what is coming up in 2021 and wh...

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