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Month: November 2020

time to open eyes and real-eyes
November 28, 2020

today, earth is facing such times when beings have to open eyes to see what all is going in their favor and bringing them free-dome, rather than pushing them into more traps... "when the fo...

a re-al gUru lives simply...
November 27, 2020

my gUru Vishal SriPaul describes himself as an ordinary being - a being of order... with natural powers. and now that i observe him living his daily life - from close quarters - i see his...

living with my guru part 3
November 27, 2020

during the time i spent living vvith my guru, i observed the vvay that he lives and one of the biggest lessons i learnt from observing his life vvas being practical. “spirituality is...

living vvith my guru part 2
November 27, 2020

only the rarest of the rare receive an opportunity to live vvith one’s guru. i have learnt the true essence of observation during the time that i vvas living vvith my guru, to ob-serve the...

living with my guru part 1
November 27, 2020

i recently received a golden and divine opportunity to live vvith my guru for a month and i am beyond great-full to have spent time learning and living in the gurukul vvay. from the beginning...

living for a month with my guru
November 27, 2020

in the one month that i spent with my t-eacher, my m-astar, one of the things i noticed was how he spends his day. looking at his daily routine so closely, i have realised (about my own life)...

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