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Month: June 2021

"gUru's interest"
June 3, 2021

today's world while seeing all the heads of organizations who are recognized as the gurus with millions of followers, pupil have completely forgotten the essence of how re-al master's function...

"you can be free from matrix"
June 3, 2021

beings had been living in the earthly reality as per the program of the life defined by the authorities and while being a part of the program, the beings had been struggling to find free-dome...

"from gospell of V"
June 3, 2021

self- in the earthly reality people had been using the term “self” in various contexts without actually knowing it’s real meaning. because the knowledge is totally lost from this...

'happy independence day'
June 3, 2021

pupil are given the slogan 'happy independence day'...which in india and as a matter of fact on bharatvarsh is just a vague thought...thrown onto masses to just keep them thinking that they ar...

"chaitra nav- ratri..."
June 3, 2021

chaitra nav- ratri... prathmi (प्रथमि)... nav means new and ratri means nights... nav- ratri marks the beginning of new nights, the on- set of new season...deVi (देवि),...

June 2, 2021

#AuRa: many today talk about aura and it's variety of colors because it sounds alluring to an ordinary mind. but, as a matter of fact, nobody knows about aura and not even the very word...

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