in today’s time, beings are taught to behave either in offensive mode or in the victim mode wherein they take the liberty to behave aggressively, use foul language, speak whatever language and act in any which way…..

and, such behavior is considered to be cool, heroic and is encouraged whereas the good speech, righteous behavior and disciplined attitude of gratitude is downgraded, discouraged and it’s put to guilt & shame…..

but, the pupils must know, it’s neither cool nor heroic to speak bad language or to perform wrong action or to speak lies as facts…..

know the fact that the “violence wears the cloak of a victim” and, under the cloak of victimhood, aggression becomes a right to perform negative actions and that’s what the system want all beings to do….. current times are all accelerated for the beings to perform only negative actions, which only traps them more & more into the pits of hell…..

wise one’s must know that bad speech is un-cool, un-attractive and, there’s nothing heroic about it, because, courageous means to have the courage to get out of the lies & traps of the establishments.

and, that’s one heroic action…..!!!