not a watcher of series but, this one episode has mentioned much of stuff about this matrix and as it’s name is, it’s adbhut…..
had been speaking about matrix and this reality is a simulation, the match is fixed….. any one trying break the simulation, everything is snatched away from that being, just like a glitch in the program, all beings go against that one trying to break this simulation matrix with fixed results, situations with no end to this never-ending cycle of bearths…..
was called mad master and what not (doesn’t matter) but, beings have to wake up and realeyes this simulation game that you are made a slave species in….. like krishna mentions- “mam maya durattya (मम माया दुरत्त्या)” means it’s an expert level matrix and very difficult to break….. any method what are made popular in this matrix in this time shall be of no help, no use and no outcome…..
good to see that the beings in india are waking up and talking of this subject…..nav-ras means nine nectars and one out of the nine nectars is adbhut ras which means wonder nectar….. and, wonder it is to know the reality, the truth of world, the ongoing fixed- deceptive simulation program that you are trapped in and you will continue to be enslaved in…..
use of dmt, the spirit molecule which can enhance one’s consciousness, if used in a proper way and body (bowD) is initiated in a proper way which leads to opening of the channels with right solution (solution A) which are one’s vital fluids which nourish the central channel…..
“bigger the suffering, greater the reward”; true that….. suffering, pain, joy, happiness, the dualism is just a way to create illusion and distraction, to keep you distracted from the goal of breaking the matrix program….. no wonder, the real beings never left their path after immense sufferings and torture in this reality…..
your life is so controlled by the star-play that you think, it you who is doing whatever but, it’s the code of the your dna which function on the transmission from the stars, and you are just a puppet….. untill, one breaks the code of the simulation, one can not exercise the will and untill, you are free, you have no free will…..
drealm continues and you remain trapped in this simulation….. “whatever is dream is temporary, whatever is permanent is reality”
ps: do pay special attention to names…..may you get something, what’s happening in the matrix…..
link given in the comments…..
may this help the real spirits…..