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Month: January 2021

evolve to be a sol
January 18, 2021

each spirit must grow, must progress and mist evolve to be sol...shining like sun...reflecting the au-ra... and, the path to progression moves from practicing the basic discipline of life a...

V speaks in a Vidya session
January 2, 2021

V speaks in a Vidya session: Jyotish is the vidya of navigation ones path here on this planet and to find the exit from this reality. Let me share with you the direct significations of gruh...

atithi devo bhava
January 2, 2021

In Bharat, there is this beautiful saying- "atithi devo bhav", which is majorly used with regard to hospitality. This implies that the guest (atithi) is a light being (devata). Atithi (अ-...

reading a book
January 2, 2021

#Samsaar #Darshan #truth #reading_book #listening #observation Truth can not be attained or reached by any path because truth itself is the path and it has to be lived every moment. Truth i...

duty and love
January 2, 2021

#samsaar #darshan; #duty #love Everyone reasons that I can not walk the path of truth as I have many duties towards my family, my children, my society, my work, my country and so on. And, l...

follower v/s observer
January 2, 2021

#samsaar #darshan : #follower v/s #observer The most ironical fact is- this world contain more followers than the observers. Being a follower is fatal, killing and destroying ones very own...

Source and the Object
January 2, 2021

#Source and the #Object (being) are the two important entities between whom arise the whole show of life orchestrated on the world screen... think!! when there are two lovers, each is the...

V speaks to his disciples
January 2, 2021

V speaks to his disciples: A restless mind begins it's journey into the zone of meditation, to find peace, to be calm in itself and to remain unaffected through the odds of the mind. Being...

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