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Month: September 2021

Re-Verse Earth World.....
September 21, 2021

the visible world today which is designed today in such a reverse way that what is right, what can liberate, what can help one evolve looks completely reverse to what is binding, what is...

simulation-4: fixed matrix
September 18, 2021

bowing at the beautyfull lotus feet of sriguru, whose grace is my only solace and who is my ultimate savior from the age of darkness..... many had been pondering over the matrix & the...

Simulation- 3
September 16, 2021

the drealm reality that which is a coded simulation is a part of one verse, universe and there are multiple such simulations which are being produced by the creator god..... but, the curre...

Simulation- 2
September 16, 2021

the simulation program (yantra, time machine) that you are inside, having an earth body, it runs with the time principle with fixed outcomes, just like an algorhythm works..... "nothing ...

You are in a Simulation- 1
September 16, 2021

not a watcher of series but, this one episode has mentioned much of stuff about this matrix and as it's name is, it's adbhut..... had been speaking about matrix and this reality is a...

false certainly falls.....
September 9, 2021

false falls..... certainly, false shall fall and false must fall..... what does it mean, when i said false falls? let's look at it..... - prahlad always chanted hari's name, - meer...

September 9, 2021

hermaphrodite, a winged god of love and both the sexuality of male & female..... the word hermaphrodite comes from two words joined together- hermes & aphrodite; hermes means active, positive,...

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