som day, som month….. सोम वार, मधु मास…..

“som in the somatic, is naturally automatic”

for centuries, the researchers & the scholars had been searching for the right concoction, the exact ingredients with which they can produce the most popular drink mentioned & prescribed in the Vedic texts as “som ras”, the nectar juice of immortality…..

and, the whole research ends at the Vedic scriptures where the researchers think of “som ras” to be created outside in a pot with certain natural medicinal herbs (औषधि), which was just an allegorical way of the Vedic seers to indicate the path to the sensible beings than any being without the naturality factor…..

the Vedic seers mention to add certain ingredients to the earthen pot which shall lead to creation of the “som ras”, and there’s no magical earthen pot on this whole earth plane than the earthly body itself which works as a magical pot which is engineered by diVine to produce the bliss giving nectarine juice of immortality…..

“immortality is higher fractality” and, higher fractality only gains one the access to the higher fractal realms…..

because, “som ras” is the nectarine juice to re-gain one’s higher fractality, and, the fractality can only be gained thru’ the five elements, which are the building blocks of the nature outside and the body….. therefore, “the elemental fractality leads to the total fractality”, leading to the secretion of “som ras” in the body…..

the elemental fractality can be gained thru’ wholistic discipline, beginning from food as body inputs to sensory inputs to the behavior towards five elements in nature & the higher in the five-elemental body….. and, with this the “som ras” is secreted naturally in the earthly body pot and it reaches the whole somatic constitution of the body….. each somatic unit blowing out the som (blow-som, blossom) bliss with Violet blue color rays, thence, the blue god Vision created & given by Vedic seers…..

humans could never & can never produce any machine on earth, which can produce “som ras”, for “som ras” is a natural concoction secreted by the diVine created earthly body pot with just the right discipline & ingredients….. however, humans can certainly produce their mad-ness creating tinctures which they call as their som ras today, but, no freedom from this mortal plane..!!!