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Month: November 2021

Have You Seen?
November 12, 2021

Have you seen a prison??? ○ where the prisoner is provided by the education to be a part of the workforce in the prison than to find a way to go out of the prison, ○ where the...

Test On Earth
November 11, 2021

“how should one look at the tests on the spiritual path?” on the scale of time, each spirit Would be tested on this lAnd called earth. you look at the life of any master who has walKed on...

November 5, 2021

govardhan go means indriya which implies to the five senses…..and go-vardhan means the enhancement (vriddhi) of ones senses….. there is an interesting celestial fact about this word...

Metaverse- The Dead End
November 3, 2021

multiverse to universe to now, metaverse- a dead end for the crowds and a new way for the few..... beings are completely made to sleep in all respects, made to fight among themselves for...

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