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the secret name
November 11, 2023

this whole creation is an opportunity giving creation as it gives every being an chance to work upon themselves to evolve out of this mortal plane so, "beings who are strongly willing to...

discipline & tapasya.....
November 8, 2023

all beings want a good life on earth..... all want a pleasurable, joyful and happy earthly life and, one can certainly have such life, it's not just an idea but, it's absolutely possible, by...

theme of earthly life.....
February 27, 2023

when you are born, you learn from your mother, father, from your siblings about the basics of life..... you go to school and then college, you learn from your teachers there..... you join wo...

Simulation- 3
September 16, 2021

the drealm reality that which is a coded simulation is a part of one verse, universe and there are multiple such simulations which are being produced by the creator god..... but, the curre...

Simulation- 2
September 16, 2021

the simulation program (yantra, time machine) that you are inside, having an earth body, it runs with the time principle with fixed outcomes, just like an algorhythm works..... "nothing ...

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