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Month: May 2021

#Astrology #Fact #Revelation
May 29, 2021

Gruh in the sky function as the focal points to transmit knowledge to earth in order to bring changes in the earth consciousness by bringing more and more awareness towards nature and it's...

"Sun & Soul"
May 29, 2021

In Jyotisham, Sun represents "Soul" and the exact word for soul is "sol" which in roman means Sun God. And, The sanskrit word for Sun is "Surya" which means the "Prana brought in action" which...

?Happy Navratri-6?
May 29, 2021

?Happy Navratri-6? Devi, the shakti which is residing in everything that we perceive through senses and all the we experience beyond senses, it is Devi. Hrudyastha raviprakhya...

?Happy Navratri-5?
May 29, 2021

Happy Navratri-5 Devi is described in the mahatmay as a female which is glorified with a beautiful face, jeweled body, a stone-studded head gear and with all right hands equipped with differe...

?Happy Navratri- 4?
May 29, 2021

Happy Navratri- 4 During the sadhna performed in these nine nights, when the chitta shakti rises inside that is the time when sadhak works upon the demonic energies inside; then shakti Durga,...

?Happy Navratri- 3?
May 29, 2021

Happy Navratri- 3 When we offer our prayers, our worships to Durga in any form, firstly, we know who is Durga. We have created many pictures of the Goddess based on the scriptural codes which...

?Happy Navratri- 2?
May 29, 2021

Happy Navratri- 2 During these nine nights of Navratri, Divine Mother must be meditated upon as She is Srimata, SriMaharagyi, Srimatisinghasneshwari; She is the mother who bestows prosperity,...

?Happy Navratri- 1?
May 29, 2021

Happy Navratri- 1 Lets explore Navratri and Divine Mother- This is considered to be one of the auspicious time of the year, celebrated right after the ceremonial gratitude to the pitris. It'...

?❤? Satsang ?❤?
May 29, 2021

 Satsang  The first step to self growth is Satsang and we must understand the meaning of satsang. Satsang is not same as sankirtan when one sings hymns and divine songs but satsang gives...

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