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loVe, sex & intimacy.....
December 31, 2023

in this day and age, beings continue seeking love among humans thinking it will satisfy or content them and even sex is popularized as the expression of love which actually is the act of openi...

2024- the saturanian year
December 24, 2023

so, another gregorian new year is beginning, year "2024", lets look at it from the eye of tora, the eye of the law..... year 2024 adds to the total number 8 (2+0+2+4), which is saturn's...

Astral Placement
November 3, 2023

astral transit always attracts a lot of attention from beings all over the world and beings track the astral transits to gauge the transit effects worldwide and majority of the beings relate...

2023- Year Of The Chariot
December 30, 2022

Here begins 2023 on earth, yet another gregorian year..... For majority, it shall be just another year of the human life but, for the awakened & the awakening beings, it's going be...

beggar or seeker
March 21, 2022

on the earthly world today, there goes a popular statement that- "from wherever you get something, you can learn it....." and, this has caused serious damage and corruption to the spirits o...

Reiki is Ray-Key
March 20, 2022

beings on this land had been talking about various healing modalities and the all focused on healing the physical or the mental-emotional challenges, and, yet at the same time all revolving...

Have You Seen?
November 12, 2021

Have you seen a prison??? ○ where the prisoner is provided by the education to be a part of the workforce in the prison than to find a way to go out of the prison, ○ where the...

Test On Earth
November 11, 2021

“how should one look at the tests on the spiritual path?” on the scale of time, each spirit Would be tested on this lAnd called earth. you look at the life of any master who has walKed on...

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