the word “psyche” means “the spirit”, thence, the word “psychology” means

“to study the logic of the spirit”

however, in today’s world, just like the other sciences related to spirit (adhyatma), psyche too has just become a subject of mind, wherein the beings use this subject for categorizing the humans into various categories, labelling them, tagging them under various dis-orders, which has no connection with upliftment or evolution of any spirit…..

it’s like a knife in the hands of little kids who continue to scar beings while themselves playing the role of a life coach or a psychologist or a psycho-therapists etc.

“psyche today is all about making beings wear the garb of mental disorders & victimhood, while labelling the rest to run the psycho-trade”

certainly, in a mental world being “psycho” is accepted while being in “psyche” is rejected….. and, being is lead no step ahead towards their psyche- the spirit, but, a momentary feel-good factor is traded!!!

the fact is – the new age form of psyche techniques, practices or modalities does not help even the practitioners to overcome their mental constructs, to resolve their own issues, to get over their own inner toxicity, to heal their own issues, and, they could not find any wisdom for themself but, to the world facade they still parrot the same “psychology is the study of mind” lullaby…..

beings must become aware that these new age practitioner’s own practices & words have not helped them overcome their own negative influences, tendencies & emotions in any way….. they remain the same for years & years struggling with same issues….. and, 

“to a depressed unresolved mind, psyche remains the subject of mind and disorders”

but then, there remains a clear difference between “psyche” and “psycho”, for psyche is spirit and for a spirit the ‘sol’ution comes a “sol”, not mind…..!!!