in spirituality all beings are seeking the state of samadhi, thinking it’s the highest of all states whereas factually samadhi is the final step of yog but, the first step towards one’s ascension from this plane…..

yog sutra means the formulas of union with one being and samadhi is the final achievement that a being can attain thru’ those formulas…..

samadhi attained means “sam” is attained and,

“sam” means “to be same”, “to be balanced”

and sam is the sam of body as well as the spirit…..

for example: sam of the body activates the central channel sushumna and,

that leads to the final state of sam…..

know that the state of sam is attained;

  • when the good words or the bad words cannot distract you
  • when the worldly gains or losses cannot shake you
  • when the arrival or departure of other beings cannot depress you
  • when the opinions & gossips cannot carry you away
  • when the success or failures of life cannot trouble you and,

the only thing that matters is one’s evolution, the ultimate state of sam, which makes one a seer, a witness of this world, therefore know samadhi is attained, because samadhi is that ultimate still-ness that no being, thing or situation can shake, snatch, or distort…..

and, sam bestows a great ability to remain same towards all changes outside…..