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Month: December 2020

suffering and pain
December 29, 2020

#samsaar #darshan #suffering #slavery Many reach me sharing about the suffering & pain which arise out of a passing situation, from a passing state of mind and they all seek solution to...

December 29, 2020

#manas #darshan #conditioning Do you observe how from childhood you are slowly made acquainted with the ongoing systems. Be it education, profession, health, relationship, money or anything....

December 29, 2020

V speaks on sacrifice in Himalayan Retreat: what do you call sacrifice? - living on an impermanent plane, gathering all impermanent objects, attaching oneself to impermanent beings; leaving...

thus spake of my diVine companions
December 10, 2020

VVonderfull had been the journey in this earthly reality... pre-spiritual bearth and post- spiritual bearth... life as a dvij-atman (द्विज आत्मन) had been a big shift...from...

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