the simulation program (yantra, time machine) that you are inside, having an earth body, it runs with the time principle with fixed outcomes, just like an algorhythm works…..
“nothing is an accident here…..”
future is fixed and that outcome what you call future decides what 99% of the beings shall make as their choice, based on their dna embedded code- transmission interaction….. that same future outcome decides your past and present…..
“your future drags you through the past & the present, as your thoughts are transmission to bring about the outcome of a fixed game”
so, 99% of the beings shall have no power to exercise their choice and they shall simple run as per the fixed program….. that’s what astrology defines, the fixed results, the static part of this matrix…..
like krishna speaks, there are two kinds of beings (द्वौ भूतसर्गो- bhagwad gita)….. only rare gets a chance to break the code of this simulation….. anyone who gets the code, decipher it and breaks this simulation, is for oneself….. and, “his name functions as code”…..
like krishna breaks the matrix and his name becomes the code, for the rest who can’t break the simulation code for their self, they can fixate their selves on that name, because name is a code….. (there is more, which can’t be explained here)…..
“speak thy name…..”
“rare is the one who gets through, rare gets a chance to get through, rare is one who gets a chance and makes a choice, rare stays to help the rare…..”
once you real eyes the depth of this creation with your physical eyes (brahma principle), and, you know it’s a drealm simulation, then, what is hatred, what is attachment, what is seriousness, what is to hold on to in this world….. it’s all a distraction as to keep you away from the very truth of this reality…..(truman show)!!!!!
rare must wake up….. get a chance, make a choice for yourself and break it…..
mad is the one to the world, who does it and comes back to tell the world….. great masters mentioned (plato’s dark tunnel parable)…..
if you can’t do it for yourself, no one else can/will do it for you…..