false falls….. certainly, false shall fall and false must fall…..

what does it mean, when i said false falls?

let’s look at it…..

– prahlad always chanted hari’s name,
– meera always chanted krishna’s name,
– shabri always chanted ram’s name,
– devrishi narad always chanted narayan’s name,
– arjun stood by krishna,

these being’s scriptural references are evidential and scriptures mentions so vividly that any adversity these beings faced in this earthly reality, be it prahlad’s father levelling any form of torture to him, be it meera’s family or the villager’s spoke anything about her character, be it sabri waiting for sri ram for years & years, be it devrishi narad to be made ashamed of his chantings, be it arjun asked by krishna to fight against his own cousins & elders…..

but, none of them changed their path, standing or words….. all stood firm, whatever test they were posed in this time-space earthly matrix…..

– prahlad did not fall by saying- jai sri hiranyakashyapu,
– meera did not fall by apologizing in rana’s court,
– shabri did not fall by finding any other ram,
– devrishi narad did not fall by chanting some other name,
– arjun did not fall by running from the battle field,

false absolutely falls; falls from the path, falls from words, falls from the all sides under the pangs of kaal….. because, kaal is more powerfull, so, kaal wins in this yug till beings doesnot look for the key to overcome kaal…..

kalyug stories are certainly different from sat-yug, treta-yug & dwapar-yug….. but, kaal too shall fall as divine light shall always win, divine is light, divine is the ultimate truth….. under divine’s light only the veil of darkness shall be lifted up from the eyes of the beings…..

and, truth alone triumphs….. it triumphs “alone”, not among masses, not in groups, not in pairs….. because, truth is stand-alone truth…..

“nahin chhodu re baba ram naam”
“oh my father, i will not forsake the name of the lord”
words of prahlad by saint kabir…..

and, i stand by thy name, will not forsake his work and will not abandon my master’s work till i breathe…..