saturday, saturn’s day, day of kaal, shani, yam, the gate-keeper of this earthly matrix, the bringer of justice…..

scriptures mention very vividly the rise of kaliyug, the dark age and it’s visible signs in the visible earthly matrix…..and, at this moment, when the major stars- saturn & jupiter are playing a great role in bringing the transformation in redesigning the whole structure on earth from the dark setting to a light setting, one will be firstly witnessing the peak of darkness which is ongoing but, at the same time there will be rare few, handfull of beings who shall be experiencing the mixed effects of kali- dwapar- treta & satya-yug….. as the sandhi phase means the bridging phase is ongoing…..

with the beginning of satya-yug from 27th july’2014, when jupiter-sun-moon were conjuct together in cancer, mentions bhagwatam- the book of divine laws, beings on earth are witnessing major changes from mid 2014 itself and that is when kali, the dark force too is beginning to show its peak effect over masses, which is the last phase of kali…..

satya-yug is represented by truth (satya), penance (tap), being kind to deliver (daya), giving ability with expectation (daan) whereas in kali-yug, all these four pillars of dharm (laws) in satya-yug are not seen, however, kali-yug’s own reversal pillars of adharm (non-law) are visbile viz. falsities (not able to realeyes truth & inability to withstand it), violence (himsa- the destructive speech, behavior & actions), discontent (asamtosh- unhappiness & dissatisfaction from everything & everyone), discord (kalah- conflict everywhere specially in behavior)…..

so, if satya-yug will begin to spread the legs of dharm then, kali-yug too shall begin to show it’s peak effect to wash out what all is not able to withstand the “test of time”….. consider, the ongoing time to be the peak effect of the kali-yug where the behaviors of the beings shall possess all the four pillars which represent kali/darkness-
-the corrupt authorities shall levy heavy taxes,
-the flora (plant kingdom) & fauna (animal kingdom) on earth shall be out of man’s reach,
-the beings shall spends days in just conflicts, inner & outer,
-the ashrams will run businesses to bear expenses and shall be a ground of entertainment and, that would be considered a pilgrimage,
-relationships will be based on gains and all relations other the immediate blood-family will turn stray,
-the women will utter flames and the more aggressive & conflicting speech would be appreciated,
-the real practices and the okultism shall be considered lowly & will be mocked but, the entertainment only will be left in the spiritual practices,
-the wise would be recognized only from the external garb as beings will turn completely blind to know & recognize the real,
-beings sitting on high throne would pretend as gurus and real wisdom would be considered lowly,
-the conflicts will take place wherever love is, and love would be considered the lowest,
-the one with money will be considered powerfull and they shall only rule the judiciary & justice system,
-parents will abandon sons and sons will abandon their parents…..daughters will live with their mothers and mother’s will survive on the money of their daughters,
-truth shall walk alone and false & dark shall be together in the battle,
-inter-course only shall become the base of marriage or any relationships, as the wisdom of togetherness shall be lost and all relationships too shall bee seen through the same light,
-beings will face famine, poverty, death, disease, pain, sufferings, grief, complains, conflicts, battle and heavy calamities,
(refer srimad bhagwatam, canto 12, ch 2, 3)

while kali-yug will put it’s dark veil on the beings while filling their core with all the features of adharm, the darkness shall prevail over the beings, the beings would be tested on the scale of time whether they have the conscience to realeyes the truth and able to withstand the truth or mere lip-service of love, devotion, service, giving is there…..

2014 onwards earth is witnessing a major shift and the shift would be progressing faster and faster as it drags kali to it’s end…..that’s the year from when the bringers of light has started becoming active and appearing on the world stage, that’s when the highest has also begin taking it’s form to bring light on earth, to re-stablish dharm thru’ many ways, to re-set the kul-parampara, to bring the real okultism out in the hands of righteous….. although, kali (dark forces) would pose challenges, kali will mesmerize beings (thru’ rahu & saturn) on this plane to make them stand & battle from his side which is the same story from time immemorial, but, “truth alone triumphs” (satya akela jeetata hai, akela satya jeetata hai)…..

if kali is showing its peak, satya too must continue to speak….. which will awaken the real spirits, bring them in light, as light shows the path out of the darkness
if kali fills the beings with hatred, conflicts, impatience, anger, hurt, envy, then, satya too fills the spirit with love, devotion, light, togetherness
if kali makes beings battle among themselves, then, satya makes being rise together in harmony and hail thru’ the effects of kali

kali teaches to contaminate oneself by blaming, but, satya teaches one to be compassionate in for-giving….. kali-yug or satya-yug is ones choice during this bridging time when the change of era is occurring…..practices of satya-sanatan dharm means the practices of the real eternal laws is a savior from the effects of kali…..

dharm ki jai ho, adharm ka naash ho,
may laws be triumphant and un-lawfull be destroyed,

praaniyon mein sadbhawna ho,
may all beings stand together in harmony,

vishwa ka kalyan ho,
may the world rise from the effects of kali,

guru krupa hi kevalam,