the drealm reality that which is a coded simulation is a part of one verse, universe and there are multiple such simulations which are being produced by the creator god….. but, the current race is brings created by the lower gods as the slave race, the race which shall adhere to the artificial intelligence system, the AI codes of this reality…..
so is the current drive of plandemic ongoing in this reality to create a gene pool of controlled race, which shall adhere to the lower controllers of this reality and once the dna code is modified, the beings, whether organic or inorganic, will not be able to realeyes the simulation and if you can’t realeyes what you are inside or a part of, how would you even think of coming out of it…..
thats what the elite which sat at the top (sat-elite) of the world as the invisible controllers wanted the beings not to become aware of…..
“the way is from awareness to awakening…..”
today, when the world elites, the authorities, the top controllers are all busy in finding ways and codes to break the simulation, but, they have made masses busy in gathering food, cloth, shelter, fake education slips called certificates/degrees, fake system slavery, promisory notes called currency, fake ego of being some position holder, fake emotions of anger, hatred, men fighting against men….. just to to not let you know that you are in a reality which is coded by an advance civilization…..
“advance means evolved which means future…..”
a race which is future based dragging the current race to be a controlled- enslaved race…..
people will keep looking for one kalki being to arrive but, kalki would be a deception too as kalki was to appear in a different dimension, not earthly drealm called bharatvarsh…..
it’s called awakening….. awaken from what?….. a drealm….. as you wake up, the drealm ends….. else, keep experiencing the drealm-time and the lower emotions the world attuned you to, to stay trapped in the simulation…..
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