#samsaar #darshan; #duty #love

Everyone reasons that I can not walk the path of truth as I have many duties towards my family, my children, my society, my work, my country and so on. And, let me tell you this extraordinary escaping word duty is most taxing as what you call duty is merely something levelled upon you by virtue of this world’s system and not by virtue of your birth. When you are born, you don’t recognize anything or anyone but all holding you from then on, introduce you to the various pre-designed systems of this world cage and thereby killing your courage, your truth while not letting you raise your voice against any of the authority who all are keeping you intact in their system; be it family, teachers, your boss, your government and all the rest who say it’s your duty do all what it levelled upon you, all what is expected out of you. Think about it!!


When you are in love, you need not be told about your duties, you simply do what is required to be done just out of love. Because love is total freedom from all that binds whereas so called duties as you call them, hinders one from the very state of love, to reach that level of freedom but hold you back to continue go through that grind of everyday and then satisfying you by saying- you are dutiful, you are a good responsible human; just because you fulfilled all the duties pre- fixed by the society, family and rest of all world authorities.