It gives me immense joy and pleasure, while I’m sharing my first meeting with my Master, SriGuru Mahavatar Babaji.
It is fortunate for every Disciple, who has received the shelter of a real Master, whose Teachings, Grace and LoVe, brings absolute freedom and abundance of ecstatic bliss. Such was, my interaction with Babaji. Babaji appeared in my life, at the time, which was most challenging, troublesome and toughest.
When my life was hailing through the storms and Babaji’s first appearance in 2014, when I was not even aware of who he is, but, his repeated appearances and then, his invite to meet him in the ranges of Himalayas was astonishing and something I could never believe at that time. After so many obstacles, yet with his grace, I feel fortunate, that I am able to share with all of you, this sketch of My First Meeting With Babaji, where Babaji graced upon me with his loVe, initiation and very lovingly, a glass of Milk at a local house near the cave.
This sketch shows the very moment when Babaji was sitting next to me on a wooden bench outside a local house where I still visit quiet a few times, every year.
Immensely Graced I feel to share it with you all and it’s my fortune to have a great Master’s presence, guidance, shelter, LoVe in this Birth. I wonder what else can a Shishya ask for.