#samsaar #darshan : #follower v/s #observer
The most ironical fact is- this world contain more followers than the observers. Being a follower is fatal, killing and destroying ones very own essence of liveliness. Someone follows a political leader, someone follows a movie star whereas someone follows a world stage so called spiritual guru and this act of following has no end. To follow implies to be going behind something which fits your thinking, like, the mind interested in entertainment shall follow a movie star or a stage artist or can also follow a stage performing guru who makes ones dance in the crowd which many of you find nostalgic.

Look at it closely and quietly. To be a follower means to lose your whole identity completely and to become what one follows. And, the whole of thinking, liveliness and the freshness is lost. It has to be thought upon with a quiet mind, with struggle and by being happy & tearful. To observe means to look at yourself while being free from all the thinking that any authority imposes upon you to keep you in the world’s organized system, to observe your own behavior, thinking and how you are made to cohere with the masses with a dressing style, to food habits, to behave in a specific manner, to live among masses while following what tradition they all have followed; be it your parents, teachers, the governing authorities etc.

#To #follow means to be dependent and a slave forever whereas #to #observe means to open all gates to free oneself from all following, from all dependence, from all what keeps you intact as a part of this society. Following has super-imposed the image of authority upon many & many to make everyone do the similar things, however, one must think clearly, how can one life be similar to another, how can two beings think & behave in a similar way? If this can not happen, then, how any mass rule, discipline or any action can liberate anyone? How can the process of making a mass gathering think & act in a similar way lead them to be free from what this society offers to trap them?

Observe yourself, your life, your thinking closely to find out what frees you and what just makes you a follower to act & behave in a specific way!!