V speaks in a Vidya session:

Jyotish is the vidya of navigation ones path here on this planet and to find the exit from this reality. Let me share with you the direct significations of gruhas in the D1 lagna chart.

– Sun signifies the entry of the sol on this plane.
– Moon signifies the kind of consciousness (chitta) that the being brings along.
– Mars signifies the body and it’s composition.
– Mercury signifies the level of intelligence that being has brought from the past birth.
– Venus signifies the giver of the goal in this birth itself.
– Jupiter signifies the help from the guru and the knowledge that can help native attain liberation.
– Rahu signifies the major challenge of the birth as Rahu brings light onto the aspect the house it is placed in.
– Ketu signifies the major help to overcome the birth challenge that Rahu poses.