V speaks to his disciples:

A restless mind begins it’s journey into the zone of meditation, to find peace, to be calm in itself and to remain unaffected through the odds of the mind. Being tries many techniques; be it focusing on the breath, on any of the body part etc etc and the mind is dejected from the object of causing un-peace to another object to keep the mind at rest.

Look at it carefully, now the being which is observing the breath or the body part or any other object for the process of meditation, now, over a period of time leaves the object of meditation and begins to look at the imagery and projections of the mind and start to call it an experience. The images in the mind becomes the experience and the feel-good factor begins. Such mind now flows through imageries inside and speak it as experiences. And, thenafter if the mind creates the image related to any person which is known or near one, then such mind begins calling it the guidance related to that person. And, the whole business of guidance, imaginative experiences and the selling of meditation begins.

If you observe the whole process closely, the journey began to bring the mind at peace and to eradicate the restlessness but, it ended at guiding people without reaching the “experiencer” himself but, the potential of such mind is consumed in the projections of the mind which are collected from the world image and the guidance which is again just imagery created by the mind itself.

Think about it!! Can such mind which is limited to this extent and takes the good feeling just in sitting with closed eyes and experiencing images while calling it guidance, can such mind be free which is involved in its own business?