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Truth can not be attained or reached by any path because truth itself is the path and it has to be lived every moment. Truth is not what you get from any book or from any cult or from any organization or from any authority which is a part of organized mass system of any form or kind. But, Truth is realized while keeping a very clear observation of your self and the world around which includes your family, friends, work, government and the rest. People think they can know their truth by reading books of various authors or by listening to anyone on the social media.


But, do you understand that truth is a very personal phenomenon!!

Because, you are born single and you die alone with all the memory & images that you gather during all your birth time. However, in between your birth and the dropping of body, you create so many desires which are imposed upon you by this world itself and since your observer is dragged to die from your very childhood, you just live along as the world around you want you to be; to study, to have job, to earn- gather money, to marry, bear children, to finish an unhealthy birth full of misery, pain and yet an unquenched thirst & a dissatisfied hunger to have more & more of what this temporary world offers. Think! Can this whole observation be acquired from any book or any talker or organization?


You must understand it closely that reading a book implies to book yourself with that author for that specific time. And, you read someone out of influence or out of interest. See!! Is that interest or influence arising from your core or is it because lot many people around you are doing from the same cult and you too want to do it while impressing upon people that you too have read so much, you are so well read. And, the author that you are meeting and interacting with through that book, who is he/she? Is that author free from the mass phenomenon or just another con-cept added to the whole lot of humanity and the world mind? The same goes for who all you listen on the social media, for boosting yourself temporarily and to add on to your information pool. But, truth is not information but it’s the ultimate knowledge of the highest. It requires very clear mind to observe and understand all this. Because, untill it is observed and understood in its deepest sense, you can never endeavor to be free from all this. At the same time, you must look at yourself as you read a book, you begin to fit all in your already set thinking. Same is what you do when you listen anything. You just want to fit it and tick it in your inside checklist whether it fits your thought or it does not, while subscribing the ideas fitting to your set thinking, then you make the author’s ideas yours and then boasting it over people that this is what you realized. But remember, truth can not be borrowed from anyone or anything whatsoever because your life process, the circumstances, the situations are all different from every other single being on this plane. However, the process of the world to trap you, to condition you, to allure you and to keep you intact in the mass system remains the same.


Do you observe that when you read, you listen too and when you write, you speak too at the same time. That’s how your senses function coherently. And, the senses which are booked in all different directions, in all the worldly objects around out of allurement, out of getting praise for the falsities that one does for the sake of the world; it has no meaning at all, no meaning because that is not the truth as truth remains forever. Not that it is today and not tomorrow. It is, it will be and it shall remain whatsoever.