astral transit always attracts a lot of attention from beings all over the world and beings track the astral transits to gauge the transit effects worldwide and majority of the beings relate these transits, especially the major ones viz. saturn, jupiter, rahu or ketu transits, to be affecting their routine life, however, any star transit have it’s impact on the collective as whole and it certainly affects the mudane affairs of ones life because, any event like war, plandemic, earthquake, any situation in a country or region etc. have it’s effects on the individual as well but, the transit doesn’t hold the power to affect the state of the individual because, the state on any being is affected by the dasha/the major period that the being undergoes…..

there are certain basic principles that one must know before making any conclusion on the astrological impacts on any being:

  1. the placement of stars in your individual chart reflects directly in your placement on earth, as your earthly life today is a.) because of your sanskar (accumulated charge/nature) from your past bearth, b.) because of your karm/ actions/choices in the current life…..
  2. the word “dasha”* means “state”, therefore, the word “maha-dasha” means “greater state” and “antar-dasha” means “mid-state” or “state in state”

(*dasha/star periods shall be explained at length separately)

this simply clarifies the point that each being’s current placement on earth means the current state of life, the set of situations as well as the people that one has to deal with is completely based on the above two factors, however the bigger power remains in the hand of the individual which is “the power of choice”, which means if the individual makes the wise choices (the choices based on the real diVine laws), one can become deserving to be placed better on earth as well as one can gain a better state; therefore, it simply means “one can gain a better outer & inner state” anyway by making the right choice…..

and, it’s only the choice that is biggest power given in the hands of every being which gains one “freewill” to live on earth as well as in the afterlife…..

it is the “power of right choice” that brings the being back to senses as well as evolves the consciousness of the being as well and being becomes free from the clutches of the impact of stars/grah, thereby, one can create any state that the being wants to create, one can place oneself wherever one wants to place as one works in coherence with the forces on earth as well as the astral plane….. then, the transits, either major or minor, do create a certain situation in the world but, it doesn’t hamper the state of the being or it doesn’t break the focus of the being…..

but, above all the biggest point to remember is: wherever the being is placed and, whatever resources or facilities the being has got, the bigger choice remains in the hands of the beings whether to rise & evolve from this state and how to use the resources for one’s holy-istic progress or to just consume whatever one has got and begin a new journey again with lesser resources, tougher situations and then again continuing to wait for a good transit or dasha to appear, whereas one can take good actions, make right choices and choose to evolve anytime on earth…..