so, another gregorian new year is beginning, year “2024”, lets look at it from the eye of tora, the eye of the law…..

year 2024 adds to the total number 8 (2+0+2+4), which is saturn’s number and, saturn rules time…..saturn likes discipline & penance, which is the best way to gain best benefit from the saturanian energy…..

no wonder, beings in this day & age fear saturn the most, probably their undisciplined behavior & lifestyle is the reason and since beings doesn’t want to bring the necessary change, so, fear comes easy but, saturn is known to be the hard task master….. if

if one looks at the number 8, one can notice that number 8 is a closed loop which exactly matches with saturn’s time function, to keep the being trapped in the loop and do real action and, “real action” is the theme of the year 2024…..

to perform any real action & discipline, it requires only one thing and that is “strength” and that is the 8th major tarot card which means the saturn’s year shall present such situations & conditions in front of the beings which shall demand strength and, the situations shall be posed in all aspects of life;

be it the wands- the situations from the outside, that’s 8 of wands,

be it the pentacles- the situations on the financial front, that’s 8 of pentacles,

be it the cups- the situations at the mental level, that’s 8 of cups,

be it the swords- the situations arising from one’s own actions, that’s 8 of swords…..

one can refer all the 8th cards in the major & minor suits which shows the kind of year that 2024 would be but certainly, it would be a year of good action, discipline and, re-structuring for all major aspects of life at the world level as well as the personal level, because, saturanian energy initiates the new structure and currently, the whole human civilization on earth has to undergo an oceanic change which the year 2024 would be initiating….. humans have experienced a glimpse in the year 2020, but, 2024 would be imposing what all humans were supposed to do but, they didn’t…..

certainly, change doesn’t go very well the majority and, for all of those 2024 would be a challenging year, for no flowery words shall work and the sweet dream will come to an end as beings shall have to face the reality in it’s adversity….. from a low mental state as crafted by the 8 of cups to the prison of swords that humans have created for themselves in all these years, 2024 shall show all hues of life, and, those who have interest in astrology, they know that “scorpio” is the 8th zodiac sign, which indicates that beings shall have to face the truths of this reality which will pop up suddenly, just like a scorpion pops out of it’s burrow and, all know the sting part of scorpion too…..

but, those who have not wasted their time from 2020 to 2023 and, have taken the desired actions, they shall be gaining more pleasurable state as well as they shall be graced by the divine forces….. that’s what “20-24” stands out for, because, 20th tarot is judgement and 24 comes to number 6, which is “the lovers” card….. lovers card respresent the new creation from it’s beginning which is graced by diVine, just like the creation from the first man & the woman on earth in eden garden…..

similar is the direction in which the beings would be judged for, whether they have taken the necessary action to create a new civilization, a new diVine world, just like the eden garden which stands on the ground of natural diVine laws while creating harmonious union with nature…..

those who have acted in this direction would be graced- “to those who have, more will be given and, they will have an abundance, but, whoever doesnot have, even what they have will be taken from them”; bible, matthew 13.12

in 2024, real action will help, delaying in laziness will not help anyone..!!!

~~~ V