sanatan means eternal; which was there from the beginning, which exists even now and which shall continue to exist…..

and, the plane earth, the realm which humans call as their “home” is a part of creation, which has certain laws, which in sanskrit is called “sanatan dharm”, means eternal laws….. and, the word law simply means dharm….. all diVine sciences be it astrology, Vastu, numerology, tarot etc. are all the study of those diVine laws and, the how those laws are functional in this realm and the creation as a whole…..

for example, astrology is the diVine science of understanding the “logic of astral plane” means the science behind the functioning of stars, the effect of the astral plane over on the earthly as a whole…..

similarly, Vastu is the diVine science of directions and how directions affect the actions of a being….. same way, numerology is the science of number logic of this earthly matrix and tarot (torat) is the study of diVine laws….. and all these diVine sciences are a part of craft (kala) which had been used by the real ancient diVine scientists called rishis/sages, for divination in order to navigate oneself on this plane and ultimately, to find the way to liberate oneself from this mortal plane…..

one can very well notice that all diVine sciences at the end point towards the diVine laws, the laws that form the architecture of this plane, which means even if one begins with any one of these diVine sciences, one by default lands into another diVine science, which leads one to the understanding & practice of the eternal laws…..

although, the beings today learn any of these sciences in fragmented & compartmentalized manner thinking all of these sciences are separate from each other, however, V declares that all these sciences as well the whole science of elements are closely knitted together along with all the ancient form of arts like music, dance, paintings and the other sciences like alchemy, biology, physics, maths etc….. these all are completely inseparable…..    

therefore, beginning with any of the subject in the holy-istic manner and, ultimately, one reaches the diVine laws (sanatan dharm) anyways..!!!