on the earthly world today, there goes a popular statement that- “from wherever you get something, you can learn it…..”

and, this has caused serious damage and corruption to the spirits on earth while adding their distraction platter…..a seeker is given a beggar’s way, of taking anything from anywhere and think this is going to help…..and certainly, this is the way for survival but, not progression or evolution…..each being knows to be carefull and selective when it comes to food, but no being has learnt to be selective when it comes to knowledge and the input of the senses…..

so in order to progress or to ascend beings have to learn to fokus on one source of knowledge than consuming whatever is available and remaining on the survival model….. no wonder, this world teaches about the survival of the fittest but, rare talks about the progression of the fittest…..to progress, one needs to receive from one source, learn from one, keep attention on one and merge in one, that’s what one-ness is all about….. when beings can’t learn to be in one-ness on the physical plane, there can’t be any oneness on the spiritual plane…..

that’s the difference between the beggar’s way and the seeker’s way…..the world system want spirits to be a beggar and to adopt beggar’s way than to be a sincere seeker…..choice remains in the hands of each spirit…..