in this day and age, beings continue seeking love among humans thinking it will satisfy or content them and even sex is popularized as the expression of love which actually is the act of opening up & submitting oneself to another being…..

“sex means opening up and submission”

in the Vedic times, it was the woman who had the upper hand in selection of a being using their sense of discernment (known as the sixth sense today), not emotionally in a b/hollywoodish way and,
the woman opened up & submitted herself to a man with all the diVine qualities, extraordinary knowledge & higher behavior among all levels of beings & nature, which is totally unlike the women today choosing men for money or for their beastly body or just for physical pleasure which are completely the signs of mad-ness under the garb of ignorance, the clear signs/effects of kali-yug…..

even the whole act of physical intimacy between two beings do not involve any sort of evolution for either of the beings, for
“intimacy means the magnetic pull towards another being” which should lead to growing upward, and in no way is limited to earthly element body…..
whereas, it has just become a way to merely satisfy a need arising out of distorted senses which works as a leash to control another being, involving no heart at all…..

think, had sex been really an expression of love which involves two hearts, the creator & nature would have had given the sexual function in the middle of the chest around the heart than designing genitalia alongside the excretory functions…..
(यदि यौन क्रिया ही प्रेम का प्रतीक होती जिसमें दो हृदय सच में संलग्न हैं तो सृष्टि कर्ता और प्रकृति जननेन्द्रिय को मूत्रेंद्रियों के निकट न बनाकर छाती के मध्य में हृदय के निकट बनाते)

even the standards of “opening up & submission” in these times have become so low that beings open up and submit themselves to so many beings nonsensically without even knowing who they are delivering/entering into (in case of men) or
allowing to enter (in case of women)…..

in a nutshell, beings actually seek diVine loVe & the diVine qualities while searching for completeness and freedom, however, to access diVine one has to learn & attain diVine aesthetics, diVine qualities and the behavior of real elegance, which makes a being worthy of attracting diVine attention….. just only water completely merges in water (not the oil), similarly, diVine qualities makes one merge in diVine….. and, in this whole act one ultimately doesn’t only merge in diVine but, becomes diVine…..

and on the contrary, humans today have no completeness or freedom to offer to anyone, for the hypnosis of filmy love keeps them asleep in a dream state, in a delusion of love thru’ earth element body and one knows that the dreams do not hold any reality to it, and ultimately, it ends…..
as dream ends and the reality begins..!!!