BharatVarsh is the whole land on the earth plane and Bharat is a land whom earthly beings today know as India, a country where the avataric beings have taken bearth, where the rishis, maharishis and brahmrishis have taken bearth, the land which is rich in its legacy of ancient wisdom & knowledge, a land from where the ancient wisdom has gone to the rest of the earth plane…..

it’s the same land which is known for it’s rich spiritual heritage and it’s the heart of BharatVarsh which is so fertile that it has given bearth the highest of all sounds, the utlra-sounds called Ved, the highest of ancient wisdom called purana, the most ancient wisdom of the astral plane called jyotisham, the highest of all traditions of gurus called guru-kuls and the roots of landguages called sanskrit….. from a sanskrit speaking, sanskrit writing civilization to a civilization which doesn’t even know the “S” of sanskrit and have lost all it’s legacy, richness, heritage and the highest of all; the intellectual property that it had….. that’s what Bharat is today…..

and, the story doesn’t end here because under the total spell of slavery from centuries, from false history, geography, fake science, false landguage, the beings from last three generations have fully compromised for money, artificial life and fake facilities on the name of luxury….. but, the current dwellers on the land have no clue for what is coming up for the generations ahead….. the beings today continue to sleep, hence, completely inactive thinking everything shall be worked out for them in future but, the bigger fact which current beings are forgetting is that they have a generation today who doesn’t even know how to grow their food, how to cook their food and their cravings of food are completely artificial and fully dependent upon the controllers and the business class who shall worry for their profits and shall push the bodily health towards other business called the pharma….. so, the current generation as well as the upcoming generation is already a full time customer of these business….. unfortunate!!!

Bharat today is a civilization of lost beings who are fooled from centuries, while their scripts and the script reading capacity is taken away from them, food snatched from their hands, education given is completely false, just to fit beings into a rotten & sick system, created to just control beings….. and, beings live in such a deep sleep that everything for them is normal today, be it blood shed, killings, battles, fighting for no rhyme or reason….. it’s that they are not taught even a single thing from their own kulture and beings are hanging amidst the west and the east….. beings must know- the tough times ahead for them as well as for the upcoming generations…..

Indian future is bleak as the controllers have already planned push these beings completely into the hells and the lower realms and it’s so easy to do today, for the rulers in the power, position, in businesses have sold their selves to the controllers of the earthly reality, not only that but, the spiritual systems too are fully controlled by the controllers as the frequencies that beings are attuned to, shall never allow any beings to wake up and realize what is happening on the land…..

above that even the divine system is completely against this lost civilization today, as they have forgotten their roots completely and have lived in an imaginary inner psychological world….. although, the upcoming generations are losing on the future but, few rare ones shall still come together and work for towards their own evolution, which shall certainly add to the evolution of this earthly realm….. for the rest, punishment, torture, hell plane is the answer, as beings still today, specifically in the spiritual community, doesn’t even realize where they are pushing themselves and all the rest of the herd who follow them….. neither an inch of knowledge comes out of their mouths nor any future guidelines but, in making beings sleep in darkness & ignorance, they are the experts…..

either the beings listen in time and act or they all be facing the wrath of nature, divine and saturn….. the current times on earth are decisive….. the current state of beings define, who they have listened to in the past and what their listening has led them to, so this will be in future….. Indian civilization lost each and everything today because, they never listened to their teachers, their gurus but, they have listened to the controllers or the lowly beings who had them fall & stoop to their lowest of behaviors & actions….. no wonder, Indians were slaves and so they are even today, in their ignorance….. without knowing, the kind of the education thru’ the schools & the media, the food, the indisciplines, the demonic attitude that they are pumping in their kids, which will never make them grown-ups….. who suffers? the beings themselves & the generations to come…..

still, certain things can be corrected, if beings act today…..else, this lost civilization shall be completely lost…..!!!