this whole creation is an opportunity giving creation as it gives every being an chance to work upon themselves to evolve out of this mortal plane so,

“beings who are strongly willing to liberate themselves will surely come across diVine in any form” and they will receive a chance to work towards their liberation from this earthly mortal realm…..

and, to liberate oneself; speaking diVine qualities and to speak glories of diVine is one of the key sanatan practice in tapasya/penance which the Vedic seers have designed for those beings who are willing to break the chains of this matrix and liberate themselves…..

in the Vedic texts*, the diVine qualities which are mentioned as different names which are framed into mantras means the sacred sounds…..

*the last Vedic texts available on earth right now, is the work of sri krishna dvaipayan ved vyas

but, the Vedic texts also mention about the gravity of speaking & chanting name..!!!

mantra is sound and sound is also called as “sonic”, and, its the same word “son-ic” which is also similar to the word “son”….. this simplifies that each being is attuned at specific sonics based on being’s actions in the past lives and till now….. similarly, 

“the diVine is also the higher ‘son’ic manifestation”


he is the perSONification of the diVine harmonics…..

hari, narayan, Vishnu, damodar, govind, madhav, madhusoodan, arihant, gopal, jagannath, ram, shiv etc. are all words to signify the diVine qualities which are perSONified in a diVine being who coherently satisfies all these archetypal qualities; that perSON’s name, the name of that perSONification of all diVine qualities is the code, speaking which the neuro-electric pathways in the brain open up and a natural bio-response is triggered in the whole being-ness which elevates, uplifts and charges the being up for accelerating one’s actions to get out this mortal plane..!!!

“that perSONifications name is boat which rows the being out of this samsaar sagar”

“that name is the Visa with which the being crosses the earthly port”

“speaking, chanting, repeating diVine name,

fear, guilt, shame and all bearth troubles, one can easily tame”