when you are born, you learn from your mother, father, from your siblings about the basics of life…..

you go to school and then college, you learn from your teachers there…..

you join work and you learn from your seniors at the work place…..

and, when you will to liberate yourself from this earthly plane of existence, then you learn from your guru…..

this makes the fact very clear that each being on this plane has to “learn” and, only learning leads to earning in any form or means….. whether the paper money or the liberation…..

this sets the record straight for each being that the theme of earthy living is “learning”, thence, the only relationship that exist on this plane is “Teacher- Taught” relationship, the guru- disciple relationship

and, this earthly theme supercedes all man made jobs & relationships in the social or societal setting…..

“your only task is to learn and earn your liberation”