from 2019, the earthly matrix is undergoing a tremendous change and all aspects of human life are changed to what earthly beings were not even prepared for and majority of the earthly beings did not even think of what was coming up….. the oceanic change was levelled upon beings under the tag “the bigger reset” while keeping beings in total unawareness for what is going to be reset….. plandemic appeared and the beings who were the so-called leaders in various fields, who were guiding and controlling masses, from politics to healthcare to education to spirituality, all were exposed once and for all….. many spirits got to see the reality of this earthly matrix, which was deleted from the human consciousness from last couple of centuries…..and, beings were still kept in the utter ignorant idea that earth is a beautiful plane and beings are here to have fun, do whatever with their lives and live in the way like masses were living, but, plandemic washed away the whole idea….. amidst the whole rush-rush, few beings woke up…..

but, the reset game is not over yet….. period of judgement is still ongoing…..and, the judgement period is completely dependent on whether a spirit is able to judge and chose between the divine and the non-divine things on the land…..and, that’s only possible with discipline, so that being can sense what is happening on earth and what shall add to their spirit’s progress…..!!!

from mid april’2022, as sun begins it’s new cycle in aries, there are more stars which are beginning with their new cycles as well viz. jupiter coming back to it’s own sign pisces, saturn moving into aquarius, the nodes rahu & ketu beginning again in aries-libra axis… rahu- ketu enters the aries-libra axis there shall be bigger events which shall be orchestrated on the earthly world screen… are some important declarations for the upcoming year:

  • the nodes trigger the new inventions so, there shall be new technological advancements in the field of communication but those shall only be the artificial intelligence based which shall add no value to the growth of humanity but, it shall convert humanity into an artificial human civilization where there shall be no human to human connection but, the dead artificial connections shall be established…..leading the humanity to a meta- verse means a dead verse…..
  • there shall be the rise in the wave frequency on earth, which implies the spread of 5g waves at a very rapid speed, which shall push humanity towards the mysterious diseases related to the head like, brain tumor, hemorrhages, sudden death of beings while getting unconscious, severe anxiety & depression, which shall lead beings to total madness, total chaos…..which only few beings who shall align to the divine order shall be able to hail through…..
  • the world shall face a severe economic depression and all countries shall suffer because of the crash of the economies which shall further lead to the downfall of the banking system and the people who had been in the crypto market shall witness a major shift in the market leading to the loss and crash in the currency market…..
  • the countries shall begin to face the utter poverty situation and the countries too shall witness the war on the borders, which shall lead towards invasion of one country into the other and the rise in the hostages & refugees…..
  • the governments shall face protests from it’s own people which shall lead to chaos within the countries and at the same time, a western united country would face the total change in it’s top leadership as well as either death or assassination of a key leader…..
  • another lockdown and a new wave of plandemic is on the plan, which shall create the downfall of the ongoing education and healthcare system….. the education business shall not be same anymore and people shall have to take actions towards building up a new system of education as saturn’s short transit in aquarius shall trigger the need of a new knowledge and beings too shall have to listen to the celestial trumpet which is blown for the rise of the dead spirits….. the old shall move towards it’s end and the new shall be easily accepted in the upcoming times…..
  • new leaders shall immerge all over the world and rise of divine world order shall take a new shape, the end of the old systems in all major fields which were created to trap the spirits shall now face downfall….. as saturn retrogrades back into capricorn, the old corruptions at the leadership positions shall emerge again and those have to end, the people in authority who have fooled the beings shall face a major hit as truth shall not remain under wraps anymore…..
  • the financial crisis due to the crash of financial system and the food shortages due to the total drop in the global supply chain shall make the poor more poor which shall increase the crime among masses and laws & order too shall be pushed towards a new change…..there shall be more visible change on earth…..
  • the century old deceptive spirituality of the masses shall be outrightly rejected by spirits and spirits shall find refuge in the divine guidance for the upcoming aquarian age….. no organization, no agenda, no strategy would help the stage gurus to sustain the spiritual business as the aquarian wave has already begun and it shall only rise up & up…..
  • there shall be a subsequent amount of beings, who shall be seen moving from the city corruptions and moving towards the forest and a new way of living shall also be witnessed on earth, which shall become the base of the upcoming new earth and the new yug…..

diVine name, diVine laws and diVine discipline is going to be of immediate help, else the judgement of the beings is going to take another level now…..after the first trial of plandemic, the spirits shall be tested through another round of trials while being passed through various tests….. those who pass, deserve the new earth…..all must stand togther in loVe, dropping the sense of competition & fights while killing the inner beast as diVine is union whereas the beast divides and that’s what the controllers have done to the beings….. divide them and rule them…..each moment the choice remains in the hands of a being, whether to be a part of the deception or to on the diVine side…..

only this choice shall define the fate of each spirit being….. loVe…..