all beings want a good life on earth….. all want a pleasurable, joyful and happy earthly life and, one can certainly have such life, it’s not just an idea but, it’s absolutely possible, by practicing the natural laws that this earth and our earthly body is built upon…..

“discipline” and “penance” are the two ways that any being can practice while being on earth….. the discipline way is for every being on earth who wants to lead a good pleasurable life on earth whereas the penance way is for those beings who want to liberate themselves from this mortal plane….. however,

discipline is primary for every being on earth and, only right discipline can end all sorrow, grief, disease and disorder….. although, beings today think that they can eat anything and thereafter, medicine will save them from all kinds of disease but, this is not the truth….. just like if one doesn’t follow the traffic laws and is issued a fine ticket, similarly, disease, pain, or disorder is a fine ticket which is issued to the being irrespective of who they are….. there is no liberty in case of breach of law…..

one can very well notice in this realm that the so-called celebrities or the gurus in the past who could afford a pretty decent life in the eyes of the masses, majority of them died of cancer or other serious illness….. which simply clarifies the fact that having money or any spiritual concept doesn’t bring being to any sense….. the same stands true from the time immemorial and is the truth even today..!!!

now, once the being has learnt and practiced the basic discipline of one’s body; diet, one’s mind, basic behavior and one has gained sense to live righteously on earth, then comes the choice in front of the being whether to come to this mortal realm or s/he doesn’t want to come back….. one can choose to come back, if one wants but, at the same time one can choose to liberate oneself from the cycle of bearth & death….. and, to break that cycle, one needs to perform “penance/tapasya”….. there are many blogs, interviews and writings delivered for years on tapasya, one can refer at one’s free will..!!!

“only tapasya can liberate any being from this mortal realm”

however, basic earthly discipline is the qualifying criteria for any being to perform penance and, most popular idea which is spread all over earth today is- one need not do anything, no action and sit with closed eyes or one can perform any technique or take up any certificate course or pilgrimage and, they can free themselves from this matrix but, this is nothing but the ideas float by kali (the ignorant rulers) and propagated by the kali minions (who are party to kali’s system and they earn or gain something thru’ the new system of spirituality), just to keep beings remain trapped in the system and make them fall into their systems of business, healthcare, finances, new age mental spirituality…..

even beings today think, they can perform some discipline or some technique for few days or few months and that’s enough however, one must know that:

“no flight reaches the destination if it doesn’t fly continuously“,

therefore, discipline & penance is an everyday thing and once the being begins with proper penance, then, it generates the charge inside the being which burns the old carried genetic codes which are not allowing the being to evolve and rise above the level of the tri-dimensional world and, slaying all negative emotions which one is carrying from bearths & bearths….. and, break in discipline or tapasya slows the charge generator and, it’s quite an effort thereafter to gain momentum, however,

everything begins with discipline and, after one gains the primary sense, then, one automatically qualifies to perform tapasya, if one is willing to exit this matrix of the mortals…..

this is the only eternal ancient (sanatan) way,


that way can only be gained through “GURU”,

there is no other way..!!!