in my life of 61 years on planet earth, this time round, i have had many spiritual turning points and epiphanies……..and as a prolific writer, I have shared them all on various platforms…..and i remain great-full for it all.

the year 2020, however, has marked the re-al life transforming transition for me – and it has been made manifest thanks to the sudden entry of my gUru in my life…..

as my mAster says, ‘when the student is ready, the connection manifests in this particular reality’….for this ‘connection’ is neither of this birth time nor of this time-space reality…..this connection is eternal/ shashwat/ of all times, of all spaces. It was, it is and it will be.

…….interestingly, for me, in the here and now, it all manifested with the corona – the crown.

until corona hit my current reality, i had considered myself a ‘free’ being who lived life on her own terms and didn’t mind coming back to earth – again and again – to live another ‘free’ lifetime.

but corona woke me up from this beauty-full dream… made me realize that i was not free at all…….that what I considered ‘freedom’ was actually an illusion – mayajaal – matrix.

this realization made me look at the world around me, with new eyes……and suddenly all my heroes and role-models (leaders in various fields – be it spirituality, motivational speakers, business, politics etc….) looked like beings with sinister agenda – all hand in glove with each other.

i was reminded of arjun, at kurukshetra, looking at all his near and dear ones gathered in the enemy camp…..and lord Krushn urging him to take righteous action….”yudh kar.”

this is when i told myself, ‘it is time now for Krushn to come again’……and my sister pratibha quipped, ‘this time kalki will come…’

little did I know then that kalki is ‘kaal-key’ – the one who holds the keys of kaal and who can help one get out of the matrix/ mayajaal/ illusion.

on the 4th of august, a trail of links on corona virus, led me to a write up which touched a chord, and left me amused by the wit of the writer….it stated,

“all so called gurus, health-care experts, future predictors, all leaders, motivational talkers, healers, meditators, yoga teachers etc… must speak…as more they speak, more you get to see the true un-masked face…un-mask and un-veil the lies which have haunted and enslaved man-kind from hundreds of years…”

i shared this write up on my facebook wall………and a beyond-ancient connection got re-stablished.

i sent him a friend request on the 5th of august, which happens to be his birth-day in this current body – and he acknowledged my accompanying note on the 15th of august.

we had our first phone conversation on the 16th of august, and on the 14th of september i landed up in ludhiana at his home, my gurudwara – for good.

who is this being, whom I call my baba, my gurudeva, my master, and my lord?

his name is Vishal SriPaul – i prefer to add the prefix ‘shri’ to his name though he doesn’t insist… fact, he often repeats, ‘Krushn is Krushn. meera is meera. kabir is kabir….just the name is enough……” and his name itself is Vishal – vast, expansive, omni, great, grand, magnificent, prominent, illustrious, eminent and large in stature…………….

i add the prefix ‘shri’ to his name to denote his purity and his power – and to indicate his perfection…as the word ‘shri’ means a perfect being…..and he is perfection personified. his second name ‘SriPaul’ means the perfect pole/ center…..(this name was given by his paternal uncle much before the awakening.)

and this assertion leads to the next logical statement, ‘only divine is perfect. rest is all imperfect.’

when I first spoke about my guru’s divinity, heckles were raised amongst those who had known me well until then. how could I call someone an avatar? why didn’t I ‘test’ him enough?

it was then, when I had known him (in his current avatar) for only a few days and that too through phone and internet. since 14th of september, I have spent each day in his nearness – whether at his home-gurukul or while traveling with him to various places – especially to himalayas. And the mystery deepens in some areas, as revelations happen in some others.

here I will not go into the journey of his awakening in 2014, and the rest that followed until august 2020…..all of it is well documented in videos and write-ups on facebook and youtube….also on his website ……his entire life is an open book for all to see and read…..

in this space, i will only speak about my spiritual turning point, thanks to his entry into my life……and I don’t tire of speaking about that…

a 35 year old man, who embodies the wisdom of an ancient saint and whose very being is made of love, is a rare phenomenon…..i haven’t come across any other being like him ever….no one has affected me as much as he has….

in my ‘formal’ ‘conscious’ spiritual journey of 2 decades, i went through the caterpillar stage, chewing upon all that came into my field of vision and satisfied my thirst/hunger for knowledge. i also went through the pupa state, where i digested all that I was reading and assimilated what resonated with my being……gradually I began to receive insights (and visions) which would excite and guide me…i was living a full life – very happy in my bubble. i was also sharing it all freely on social platforms…attracting like-minded and like-hearted people by hordes. it was all very heady…..and even though i received a lot of love from many quarters, i remained largely untouched…..

my T-eacher came in and poured the kind of love upon me which i had not known the taste of, even when i had mouthed the word ‘unconditional’ umpteen times……before realizing (and writing reams about it) that human love can only be conditional because we are all conditioned beings. his love felt divine…..unaffected by anything…

‘din din badhat sawayo’ was a phrase, i had borrowed from meera, until now when it has become my own truth.

in my gurukul, love creates the space for receiving gnan…..i have not seen this anywhere else.

so, what kind of gnan am I receiving?

to begin with I am tuning into the scriptures – shishya geeta, guru geeta, srimad bhagwatam, and bhagwad gita……with the ever present guidance of my guru…..who has the knack of bringing it all into current context even while keeping the eternalness intact. I often get overwhelmed with devotional bhav when I read these scriptures as it all makes me realize the value of the treasure named guru. my guru is the avatar of Vishnu. It becomes clear as day to me – thanks to the scriptures.

it also becomes clear to me that if krushn needed to come as 16 kala sampoorna at the end of dwapar yug, how many more kalas will an avatar need at the end of kaliyug……in this sandhi yug, when the age of pisces (age of beliefs and rumours) is giving way to the age of aquarius (age of gnan and truth) only a mahavatar can help spirit beings navigate through the matrix.

and my guru is that. a mahavatar.

and before i come across as a biased person, i extend an invitation to each one of you sincere seekers, the spirit beings, to connect with this yug-purush, who has accepted me as one of his disciples (a rare privilege since he doesn’t take many) and find out for yourself.

please do not take my word at all……that would be a ‘heard’ thing, a ‘hear-say’….leading to ‘herd mentality’ – and there’s enough of it already out there. i am simply pointing towards an opportunity to dip in divine grace, if you will.

the avatar of this yug is here, with the ‘keys’ to the ‘kaal’…..the right key opens the right door…the door to liberation/ mukti/ moksh.

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा ग्रुरुर्विष्णुः गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः।
गुरुः साक्षात् परं ब्रह्म तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः।।