only the rarest of the rare receive an opportunity to live vvith one’s guru.
i have learnt the true essence of observation during the time that i vvas living vvith my guru,
to ob-serve the vvay he vvalks, the vvay he smiles, the vvay he lives, so simple and yet so magnanimous in vvays that words are simply not enough!
it is truly a life-changing experience for a disciple to vvit-ness the gravity, magnanimity and divinity of his guru, for, it is an ideal vvay to learn from observing one’s guru… to follow one’s master’s footsteps is a fortune that the rarest of the rare receive in this reality.
my heart fills vvith joy and serenity vvhen i
s-peak about the time that i spent vvith my guru, because the amount of love that i received under his shelter is beyond my comprehension, he is truly the un-ending ocean of love, he cooks for his disciples, he sings for his disciples, he scolds his disciples, he is a mother, a father, a best friend and the only guide, one ever needs, to his children, his disciples.
to vvit-ness him playing so many roles,
to vvit-ness him exercising free vvill on this land vvhere freedome is a faraway dream,
to vvit-ness him living a natural, multi-dimensional and an absolutely natural life,
is beyond my entire being.
i vvas face to face vvith the realisation that he is a higher being, an enlightened being and the lord manifested in this reality.

to my guru, to my m-astar, to my lord, to my guide, to my mentor, to my t-eacher Vishal SriPaul Sood
i bow again and again ??‍♂️

-Jay Thakkar