last night, at dinner, my T-eacher asked me, “when are you going to write about love?” and i paused, before saying, ‘tomorrow.’

in that pause, i was remembering his oft repeated vvords, ‘only that being can love whose सोम has risen upto the crown…love has no application in the 3 d world. you can not give love to a higher being; you can only bovv and sing their glory, do स्तुति, and stay open to receiving love as their grace. your job is to increase your receptivity – your पात्रता. etc.’

however, as a recipient and as a vvitness, i have observed how a higher being delivers love – effortlessly (in a saral and sahaj भाव)- to the deserving पात्र….in fact, the delivery happens to many beings simultaneously- each one receiving as per their पात्रता in that particular time.

and as i write this, i am remembering an anology I have often used about someone coming to an ocean (or the ganges) with a teaspoon in hand to fill water in, vis-a-vis someone who has placed a pipe connection in place, with the source – and receives a continuous delivery of celestial waters.

it also reminds me of my current situation where i do not have access to mobile data (in jammu, a pre paid sim is redundant), but i have an open offer from my गुरुदेव to ask for a hotspot access as and when.

we all have such an open invitation to receiving love from the lord, but not all can ask or stay open to receive. such is our conditioning.

my baba says that all such conditioning must be shed in the now, for it becomes limitation to liberation.

he also states that most people’s heart ग्रंथि has hardened thanks to all the hurts they have encountered in life – and only love of a multidimensional being can soften the heart (no other love is re-al.)

and the only way to become a पात्र for receiving this love is through choice – which is the first step – followed by observe, serve and deserve.

i could say the same about receiving ज्ञान from a multidimensional being. after all love and gnan are the two vvings of spiritual flight. and only a re-al gUru (the one who can hold your hand and make you light once again) can deliver both – simultaneously.

तू प्यार का सागर है। तू ज्ञान का सागर है।
तू प्यार करता नहीं है; तू प्यार है।