during the time i spent living vvith my guru, i observed the vvay that he lives and one of the biggest lessons i learnt from observing his life vvas being practical.

“spirituality is practicality” my m-astar would alvvays say.

i learnt the re-al essence of leading a minimal and natural life-style living vvith him, it is the most practical and disciplined vvay of living and it liberates one from with-in and with-out, because today, people are busy accumulating possessions, earning more and more, spending more and more, on things that one might not even need… to see my guru live a simple yet a highly dynamic life vvas a fortune that i never anticipated i vvould have.

there is not even an ounce of fragmentation in the vvay that he lives, he is t-eaching the vvay of life that he lives, every single day… he lives his life in totality.

he has alvvays taught that “spirituality is a daily affair and it is a personal affair”

vvhile living vvith him, my perspective tovvards the vvord routine, completely transformed and so did my ideology about having a lot of things, be it clothes, books or any other possessions. living a minimalistic life, lead me tovvards spending a highly productive day, vvhere i am focused at my goal and at my centre , everything that i did or spoke of, brought me closer to my guru and the ultimate goal of life.

there is a sense of freedome that one feels vvhen one applies the eternal laws of this land every single day and makes an effort every day to become free from the man-made system… like a seed grovvs a little every single day to eventually grovv up to become a fruit bearing tree, similarly the spirit seed grovvs into the tree of live vvhen it grovvs every single day.

“spirituality is for spirits” m-astar says.

it is not for everyone, it is a daily affair vvhich leads one tovvards living a life full of joy, freedome, serenity and coherence.
and none of it is possible vvithout a centre and vvithout hand holding of a guru.
i am truly great-full to have received an opportunity to live vvith my guru, to vvit-ness his life, to vvit-ness his magnanimous and divine presence and to vvit-ness his simplicity
vvhich is beyond me.

i bovv to my guru Vishal SriPaul Sood vvho is my centre, vvho is my t-eacher, vvho is my lord. ??‍♂️