in the one month that i spent with my t-eacher, my m-astar, one of the things i noticed was how he spends his day. looking at his daily routine so closely, i have realised (about my own life) that the more rigid you try to be with your s-elf, the more difficult it becomes to get through your day. i have seen him every-day seamlessly go about his tasks in a flow but always knovving in which direction is he flowing. he always keeps it easy and simple. he will accomplish so many things in one day, i have vvondered how he does it all- he is there for his family, he is there for his disciples, he is there for every new being vvanting to knovv the truth, he is there for the people around him.

gurudev recently told me that we live in a dynamic vvorld.
what i inner-stand from that line is that the vvorld is ever-changing, so are the people and so are the situations in it. the more we try to fit every-thing and every-one in our ovvn set ideals and patterns, the more it gets suffocating for our ovvn s-elf. the more we become rigid about our days and our plans, any deviation or obstacle in the vvay causes distress. rather develop your own rhythm, your own flovv, be avvare and knovv what needs to be done and do it (as i have learnt from him- there is no trying, there is only doing or not doing).

it is of course easier said than done but i am learning to inculcate it in my life. it is by living with him that i have seen what a life of ease, simplicity and free-dome looks like; and all the good things that can come out of having a dynamic approach tovvards the vvorld, tovvards your life and tovvards your day as well!

i bovv to you gurudev, for only you t-each your disciples in simple vvays to live their life better. i am very great-full to have received an opportunity to be in your shelter, to observe and live with you and to learn so much from you.

i am beyond great-full to be chosen as your shishya gurudev,
i bovv to your lotus feet ??‍♀️?

-Riddhi Bangera