“how should one look at the tests on the spiritual path?”

on the scale of time, each spirit Would be tested on this lAnd called earth. you look at the life of any master who has walKed on this land, they had been tEsted in the most harsh, brUtal and deadliest ways. someone was Poisoned, someone was put to fire, someone was cheated by his own disciple and crucified while someone was planned to murder time & again. history has many examples of such Beings who had taken the bigger tEsts.

many people would say there daily has situations or tests but, know that routine liFe is not the test but a preparation fOr a test. certainly, it applicable only on spiRits as only the spirits undergo the tEsts for their evolution on this earthly school plain where spirits either learn from the teacher or the time but time still tests all. spirits must know that test Is a timed event which tests the spirit for all the knowledge and the Training that spirit has undergone through discipline and practice in the routine life.

the Spirits who learn the higher knowledge and they are chosen to play greater role in the earthly Transformation, such spirits would go through bigger tests than any Other spirit. that’s what scriptures mention clearly. that’s what had been the life Of great masters on this Land. it’s as simpLe as a student in a nursery and a mAster’s degree would have to take different tests. and certainly, not all clear-pass the test too. but unlike old school, you don’t begin to hate or anger over or punish, if the student fails in the Test. you rather inspire, and train better, for them to prepare for the test and clear the test. that is a new bEarth story. you don’t clear the test once, You have to repeat it.

how big the test would be?
– know that from the training that spirit underwent, the knowledge that the spirit received, the faster & quicker the prOgress that the spirit had been worked Upon, how near the spirit has reached to the exit gate of this matrix!!!

how would one know that test is passed?
– the final test is always about love and if the Spirit has evolved from spirit to sol, it shall respond in love that using anger, hatred, envy, enmity as the instrument of response. that’s what even scripTures mention clearly.
“when the door keepers of the lord chose to respond with anger that with love and they have to take bearth to learn it.” these scriptural storIes are very beautyfull and instrumental in teaching the way to the spirits on this Land.
– the test is the test of the knowledge too through which the spirit has to learn to navigate itseLf from the test situation, as knowledge equips the spirit to adopt the right action & quality to pass the test.
– the test is the test of spirit’s state of being a seer (drushta) of the seen being played around in the pHysical reality than being the doer.

how would one know what is the right action?
– one who knows the lAws of the land and the knowledge they always perform the right action but, to know what is the right action, the spirit must know “an action which is free from the past is the right action”. certainly, it is quite difficult for the being to firstly to learn to be free completely from the burden of their memory, so that the being acts fresh than thru’ the memory.

“know that the pathless goal which is humungously expansiVe is quite expensive”

those who opt for it, shall bE tested. and, to add here, the opting happens before one takes the bearth, not after the bearth, for spiriT is spirit by bearth and spirit carries the code embedded in it which is transmitted into the dna of the eartHly body. thereforE, spirit opts the path itself than a Choice. and, wHat is necessary for the spirit’s evolution, the trAining is provided in due time in routiNe and then comes the test.

“bigger the test, faster the progress”

pass the test and the gates open with the Code, fail in the test and rEpeat.

know the code, if you can see…..love