go means indriya which implies to the five senses…..and go-vardhan means the enhancement (vriddhi) of ones senses…..
there is an interesting celestial fact about this word “go”… there is a word in sanskrit called “go-char” which means the transit movement….and, it is used for the movement of the grahas, the stars…..

why is it called go-char? Because, the celestial movement (char) of the stars effects the senses as the vibration which is emitted by the stars enter the being thru’ five senses as the senses are the inlets of the earthly body and thru’ these five inlets, the image is created in the space called mind, manas, which indicates the role of moon in creating the imagery inside a being as moon represents mind…..and, moon works as the reflector thru which the vibration of the stars is casted thru the space between earth and stars…..

so vast is the functionality of the kosmos as moon travels the fastest thru’ all stars and continue to cast their vibration upon beings, into their senses at a fast pace which invoke the ocean of thoughts in the being…..

the senses, if fokused on one point, can begin to enhance their functionality by closing the doors of the inlets which means not allowing reception from all directions in the space but only from that one point which the senses are fokused at and that practice of fokusing all five senses on one point is called traatak….. such enhanced senses gain the power and ability to uplift even a mountain (giri)….. And, that’s what go-vardhan means…..