Have you seen a prison???

○ where the prisoner is provided by the education to be a part of the workforce in the prison than to find a way to go out of the prison,

○ where the prisoner is given a partner to produce more prisoners in the prison itself,

○ where prisoners vehemently speak of achievements, accumulations, losses and chasing their dreams,

○ where the leading prisoners are awarded for working in absolute coherence with the prison rulers,

○ where the prisoners continue to find meaning to their lives and try to be free from what they don’t know,

○ where the prisoners are provided with various instruments of entertainment which for some is called a business, which is just a way to keep the prisoners busy all the time, either gathering the prison currency or spending the prison currency,

○ where the fellow prisoners kill, torture and brutalize the other prisoner who speaks of freeing few from the prison,

○ where the prison rulers just create more like them in order to keep the rules of the prison intact,

○ where the prison rulers create any pandemic any time when the population of the prison has to be controlled,

just take a look at earth. know that you are imprisoned…..it’s a fact…..!!!