multiverse to universe to now, metaverse- a dead end for the crowds and a new way for the few…..

beings are completely made to sleep in all respects, made to fight among themselves for petty reasons and for petty artificial things, that’s how the whole earthly world is going to take a new shift…..the symbolisms are hidden in the plane sight but, rare/few would know, no one can deny the word, the truth, the sun & the moon; similarly, no one spirit would be in a condition to deny what is coming on this land…..

metaverse is the upcoming new world created for the beings to interact, communicate and to experience world in a virtual way…. this is not a plan created in a day but, it has taken centuries for the controlling authorities, the dark forces to create, develop and give shape to their plan to create a race of artificial beings who shall interact in an artificial/ virtual way…..

meta means dead (hebrew for meta) and metaverse means the dead phrase, dead words; thence, the dead land…..metaverse is equal to “artificial robotic virtual world” and that’s what this world is driven towards….. no wonder, plandemic brought social distancing and beings were instructed for “no social contact” and “lock downs”…..

and, the plans continues as beings continue to waste time on lowly matters…..

“face-book is now meta”