#Ego #Fake_Ego
I-ness is certainly one has to get rid off but to get rid off something one must have to understand what it is as a fact and not as an idea. Because, you are trapped in the play of false ego, you can never be free from it. And, if you firstly shed off the fake ego and realise what ego is, then, you can use it in a playful way. Thence, you are not trapped but you remain free. Majority of the people, who are living a life like a machine; following the mechanics & system put in place by the world authorities, they only exercise fake ego. They are not even aware of what ego is. So, they remain trapped. Fake ego is what you identify your self with the certificates, degrees, the authority, the fame, the power which you think you position in the world frame carries, the social network & stature, the charities you do that you think you’re doing good to the world and the praises gathered thereon; all this is creates a fake ego in you because you identify yourself with the fake world system which is created to control you and you get trapped easily while taking pride in the fake ego and you remain puffed up in yourself all the time. Now, the question is- if all this is fake ego then what is ego?
Pure ego is very subtle and it can be used as an instrument fro freedom. To understand pure ego, you firstly have to dissociate yourself from all the creates false ego like the objects mentioned above. Now, as you dissociate yourself from all the outer layers impressed upon you by the world, what remain behind is pure ego, the subtle I, which get involved in the world and turns into fake identity, becoming something else to fit into the world system of timed robotized matrix. The pure ego, which is free from the world layers which puffs it up, can be of great use to remain free all the time. Think about it!!

Love, V