#Leadership #Game
Everyone in this world drama is trying to become a leader, learning the skills of business, art fields and even the spiritual fraternity. But, who is learning or learnt to be the true leader. When you are a part of world drama, being injected with the deep sleep of gaining power, authority, fame; it’s mere satisfaction of ego which the world has created and taught you to keep you under it’s control. So, even if you become a leader too in any world created field, you shall be under the control of the false world authorities, thence, you remain a slave and leadership remains at bay. The only way you can be a leader is when you breakthrough the trap of world drama, world system and your mind is free from this trap; that’s when you can be a true leader and freedom from mind will lead you to experience your true spirit. Till then you are just becoming a better and better machine. Think about it!!
Love, V