#Question: There are many masters in the world today, whom to rely upon?
#Answer: We find imitations because there is gold. Imitation proves that gold exists. Similarly, the presence of so many pseudo- prophets is the proof of the presence of prophets. A true master never propagates or never claims that he is a realized one. I remember a senior disciple meeting Sri Yukteshwar Giri ji and He used to say,” I am not realized yet.” Such masters express and reveal their state to a selected few. Rest they remain as common being in the world without any worldly glitter or pomp and show attached to their words & actions.

But we find many present day masters who are self- proclaimed incarnations or Paramhansa (which is the highest title in the monk order bestowed by one’s Guru or the state of divinity where the monk remains in the Turiya state). There is no such state where the seeker can claim that I am enlightened today as one can know of a truth but one can never know the truth.

The general behavior found in these self- claiming enlightened masters is intolerance towards others though outwardly they project themselves as very kind and compassionate. You can only find out if you are vigilant enough and not emotionally biased of any practices. In today’s world you will find many healers, therapists and spiritual kriya practitioners too claiming to be masters which is nothing more that self- deception (seeking the worldly praise) as they thereself being embroiled in the worldly attachments, desires & sorrows spread such teachings that of a siddha but realize the fact; there practices are all foothills and only under the shelter of a master one reaches the ultimate. Be sincere and truthful to yourself when you work upon your growth than pleasing the name-sakr fancy masters with added adjectives of grand, senior, junior and so on. Master is a master, Guru is Guru; there is no adjective required to put it in any form of hierarchy.

Be very careful of any spiritual practices as they are sold in the market today. Remember, once you accept one as a master, it is most important to have reverence to the master and the techniques. Without making it a mechanical operation of the mind but out your wholehearted devotion to the master.

We need Guru but not the gurudom.

Guru Krupa Hi Kewalam,