#Routine #Matrix
From your birth till you stay alive on this planet, there are many mini matrices which keep you so busy that you can’t even think of the fundamental questions of your very existence. For example: the academic matrix which you go through during schooling and colleging, as it ends, the career matrix begins, then the relationship matrix and the responsibility matrix opens up. You are just kept busy throughout and in all the matrices, the mini cages, you are decentered to keep you in the trap. Decentered implies you are kept in the routine flow of matrix through the emotions, competition, false authority and power among the fellow people, though possessions etc. Until, you become aware of the what all this matrix is doing to you and what all this web is. To come out of this routine matrix, only evolved beings can help understand it’s laws and be free from it, else the trap is all set for another birth. Think about it.
Love, V