#World #Drama
It requires a great depth of perception to be aware of the world drama which is going around you. If you look at your life very very closely, you will observe and realize that you have arrived on this planet and yet you never think about why am I here? Where have I landed on this planet? Now, there is a reason behind it for you not to think on these lines. Front the very small age of three to what your age is today, you are never left free of outside thinking, the thinking of making yourself fit in the ongoing world drama; be it in the house, school, college, job or any work defined as profession in the fake system of this world created and defined by the so called world leaders in authority as government. While you are getting busy and busy in the world drama and getting yourself more & more involved, more better a slave you’re becoming of this system. Thence, trapped from all ends, home, society, culture, school, college, work, everywhere. Being trapped in this world drama, you are dragged away from the very fundamental questions of your very existence of this planet. You are made to get involved in the world play of competing to reach to power, authority, fame and money in such a way that you can’t even resist to stay away from the world drama and you become a part of the zombie work force which is working with masses to be a best among them. Then, there is one more side of it. Even if you by chance get a thought of going out of the world play and live freely; you think of spirituality, meditation and so on. Then, you reach the world gurus who are a part of these masses itself, who have compromised on the truth by shaking hands with the governments for their vested interest and just fooling you with all the mumbo-jumbo practices to keep you still busy. Just look closely and observe these world gurus who are functioning among masses, they neither share about the fake system of education, work, power etc. which is ongoing on this planet nor they are helping you become free from your slavery of this world drama. But, they are keeping you calm, composed and quiet while being busy with them, thence, letting you just be fit in the fake world drama with a brainwashed, sentimentally created smile on your face, so that you engrave in your mind that you are becoming free but as a matter of fact you are not. However, you are just becoming quiet to fit the system of masses, hence, part of the same play. Be wise, be awakened, rise above masses and Think about it!!

Love, V