#Nature #Connect
Nature is divine. Nature is love. Nature is divine because it is *di-V-in; means it has the V in it. V is the depth, the wholeness.* And, the only reason we have lost all the knowledge is because we lost all the connection with that depth, that wholeness, with nature. As we have no connection with nature, we can never tap to that depth neither outside nor inside. It’s all inside and outside. As above so below. As the nature above us is, it’s same we are below on this earth. Since, the depth is lost, we just have the surfaced view of everything- be it our self, language, music, stars, the sky, the nature or be it anything. *We just reflect from the surface to the surface.* Until, we do not carve our ways out to connect to the nature, we can never have knowledge. Now, look at the academic system, it gives a false impression to you that you know something which rises all the ego inside one whereas the whole schooling, colleging and the system so on is just designed to create more and more slaves in a fit matrix. But, knowledge is power and you can tap the untapped if you can establish connection with nature. Specifically, in a country like Bharat where nature is abundant but we have no such culture where we can go out and live in nature and connect to it. *This is what Yogis & Rishis did and tapped the abundant source of great knowledge which was divine and natural.* Think about it!!
Love, V